Who are we?

At Pilea Purpose, we get excited when we see people walking their life purpose and doing work for which they were made.

The name is partly inspired by the Pilea Peperomioides . This plant is fascinating, because it continuously multiplies and produces new plants. We believe this is also characteristic of us as humans. As soon as we consciously choose to work with our talents and qualities, we will further develop and multiply them.

It is therefore our passion to provide a platform for the various service providers within our network.


Vision & Mission

Growing into a community that makes a valuable contribution to society.


Offering an online and offline platform to those who want to inspire with their talents and who want to work with others.


Building a network through various collaborations and organized events.


At Pilea Purpose we are always looking to inspire, educate and comfortably challenge each other to step out of the comfort zone.


We value customer service and good communication. In addition, we grant each participant, guest speaker and / or client a valuable experience.

“The seed
became a plant
And then
It multiplied.
This is nature’s poem to us.”

Suraya Dissels

Founder of Pilea Purpose

We work with: