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Seasons of life

If you could describe the season that you are in, what label would you give it, why and how are you evolving in it? In his message ‘We had to break up‘, Jerry Flowers talks about three seasons in life. He uses different aspects of a flight journey to illustrate these seasons.


Departure season is the season where you supposedly find yourself in the dressing room changing clothes. Putting on a new garment, because it is the season where you are in transition. You need to leave for your destination.


Layover is the season where you have to wait. Some people that started the journey with you might not continue the journey with you. This is because you are switching flights. It is the season where you will have to break up from some stuff, some habits and/or some people. In this season it is advised to not only wait patiently, but also to stay close by the gate.

Stay in position! Whenever boarding is announced, you have to be ready. If you miss the announcement, you will miss your opportunity. Don’t let your layover turn into a stayover!


The best way to describe this season is when you recognize the A-ha moments. The moments when you discover the bigger picture of your journey. The -this is why that happened A-ha moment-

Ofcourse there are many different ways to illustrate the seasons of life. Whatever season you are in and however you prefer to describe it, I hope you can fully commit to it and transition from one to the other. Keep in mind that in every season lies a lesson and some kind of specific beauty.

This year has been a never ending lock down season for every human being on this earth. Stripped away from all distractions, we collectively ended up finding what truly matters in life.

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